Ain-Amal Awards

Ain Amal Awards

Ain Amal Award’s philosophy revolves around the recognition that even the smallest of gestures can catalyze significant change. Whether it’s refusing single-use plastics, adopting eco-friendly practices, or participating in community initiatives, every act contributes to the collective endeavor towards environmental stewardship.

Central to Ain Amal’s Award mission is the notion of empowerment. By empowering individuals and organizations we encourage them to take ownership of their environmental footprint, the Awards endeavors to foster a sense of responsibility, recognition and accountability to help save our Planet and leave a better world for Generations to come.

Who can apply for
Ain Amal Award

Ain Amal Awards Welcomes Sustainable Environmental Inventiveness by inviting individuals, communities, government organizations, Academia and Civil Society Initiatives to send in their Nominations and enter this Huge Award Celebration to be recognized and celebrated.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are doing any of the following activities you can apply for Ain Amal Award

Installed Solar Panels

Harvesting Rain Water

Compost Making

Kitchen Gardening

Reduce Plastic

Eco Friendly Initiatives

How to apply for Ain Amal Award?

Anyone falling under the eligibility criteria may apply for Ain-Amal Awards by filling this form this form 

(15 May 2024 was the last date for submission)

Where will be the Award Ceremony held?

We will get together to celebrate at Nust University Islamabad, Islamabad

What is the last date to apply for Ain-Amal Awards?

Last date to send nominations for Ain-Amal Awards latest by April 30, 2024

When will be the Award Ceremony held?

Ain Amal Award Ceremony will be held on June 5, 2024 while celebrating World Environment Day.